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Voters' expectations

TQO - Looking back at the first working week of the 7th Session, voters and people across the country are excited to see that many major and important issues of the country, from personnel work to giving opinions on draft laws, have been discussed and passed with high consensus. This has strengthened the people's trust in the Party's guidelines and policies as well as in legislative work to ensure feasibility and effectiveness in practical life.

Voters across the country highly appreciate and expect that in their new positions, the National Assembly Chairman and the President will promote their intelligence, capacity, moral qualities, and sense of responsibility to serve the Fatherland, serve the People, and continue to develop the country.

The completion of personnel helps ensure the smooth operation of the political system. Many National Assembly deputies as well as voters believe that this is a premise for the success of the session and also creates favorable conditions and positive psychology for society in the coming period. In particular, the issues discussed by the National Assembly during the last two days of the weekend are of great significance to the country's sustainable development.

Voters also agreed that the National Assembly session was busy with a lot of work at the parliament, but the National Assembly Standing Committee still took the time to go to the scene to inspect, direct the rescue work, and visit and encourage the victims of the fire at the motel on Trung Kinh Street (Hanoi). This shows that the National Assembly always pays thorough and timely attention to issues related to the people.

Excited about the results of the first working week of the National Assembly, voters and people expect that the following contents of the 7th Session will continue to be promoted by the National Assembly in the spirit of democracy, frankness, and the highest responsibility in order to contribute to the successful completion of the tasks assigned before and to create a premise for the National Assembly's activities in the work of legislation, supervision, and decision on important issues of the country to be increasingly effective.

Ngoc Linh

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