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Tuyen Quang announces DCI index in 2020

TQO - Tuyen Quang Province recently held a ceremony to announce its department and district competitiveness index (DCI) for 2020.

Provincial leaders and delegates attend the ceremony.

There is not yet a clear difference among districts and cities in the DCI ranking in 2020. Ham Yen District regained its position in the top three and also topped the tally this year. From 2015 to 2018, Ham Yen District was regularly in the group of the top three districts, which it led in two of those years. Tuyen Quang City retained its previous position, resting at the bottom of the rankings once again this year. The city’s component indexes are low, especially with regard to the Access to Land index.

As for specialised agencies under the Provincial People’s Committee, the Department of Justice and the Department of Information and Communications continued to take the lead in the rankings while the Department of Construction was at the bottom of the chart.

Regarding central agencies based in the province, the State Bank of Vietnam branch in Tuyen Quang Province ranked first while Provincial People’s Court lies at the bottom of the rankings.

Thuy Linh

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