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Tuyen Quang - Potential and investment opportunities

TQO - Tuyen Quang is a mountainous province located between the northeast and northwest region, about 140km from the north of the capital city of Hanoi. The natural land area is 5,867.90 km2. The population of the province in 2019 is 786,258 people.

Tinh Huc Bridge in Tuyen Quang City.

The province’s infrastructure:

- Power system: Tuyen Quang Province has transmission system 110kV, 220kV and transformer substations.

- Water supply system: There is a surface water treatment plant with a capacity of 17,500 m3 / day / night in province. Most of areas in the locality have clean water supply and wastewater drainage systems serving production and daily life of local people.

- Communication system: Modern post and telecommunications network connecting 7 districts and cities of the province with the whole country and the world.

The province’s strengths:

- Tuyen Quang has a large area of agricultural and forestry land (agricultural area is 95,095 hectares, forest area is 446,758 hectares). The infrastructure is relatively synchronous, the investment environment is safe and stable.

- The province has a fairly abundant human resource, which tends to increase over the years.

- The rate of employees in the age group from 15 to 60 accounts for 65.3% of the total population.

Sectors for attraction investment:

- Agriculture sector: Breeding and agro-forestry processing; planting and protecting forests; production of plant varieties, domestic animals and biotech products.

- Industry sector: High-tech product research and development; construction materials industry, support industry.

- Tourism sector: Development of tourism economy and accommodation service in tourist destination according to planning, and commercial infrastructure and tourism investment projects.

Major economic regions:

Long Binh An Industrial Park with an area of 170 hectares and Son Nam Industrial Park (in Son Duong District) with an area of 150 hectares.

Professions attracting investment:

Agro-forestry processing, building materials, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, textile-garment and leather-footwear, electrical equipment, electronics, supporting industry.


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