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Preserving the cultural identity in the Dao people community

TQO - Yen Nguyen commune (Chiem Hoa) has 16 villages, of which 3 are mainly Dao people, including Dong Vang, Cau Ma and Cau Ca.

The Dao Tien ethnic cultural club, Yen Nguyen commune participated in the performance at the ceremony to receive the National Monument ranking certificate for the archaeological site of Bao Ninh Sung Phuc pagoda.

In 2014, the Dao Tien art troupe of Dong Vang village was established with more than 10 members.

From 2014 to present, the Dao Tien cultural club of Dong Vang village has participated in exchanges, competitions, and performances of many major programs of the district, province, and the whole country and has won high prizes.

In 2019, the Dong Vang village art troupe developed into the Dao Tien ethnic cultural preservation club of Yen Nguyen commune, with more than 20 members.

The club maintains activities 2 sessions per week, on Saturday and Sunday evenings at the village cultural house. Members practice singing Pao Dung and dancing traditional dances such as praying for harvest, cap sac dance, and bell dance.

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