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Chiem Hoa fermented fish

TQO - For the Tay people in Chiem Hoa (Tuyen Quang), fermented field fish is not just a dish, it is also a distinct cultural feature.

Fermented field fish products.

Chiem Hoa fermented fish is made from field tiny carp.

The process is quite simple – salt, galangal and scallion are added to carp, the mixture is then put into a clay pot within a week.

Next, cook the sticky rice, sprinkle with yeast and cover tightly.

Finally, chop 'com do' leaves (magenta plant) and betel leaves and mix them well with fermented fish and sticky rice. Then put the mixture in a clay jar.

Fermented field fish product of Ha Cao Thuong family, in Lang Chang village, Hoa Phu commune (Chiem Hoa).

Chiem Hoa fermented fish was certificated as one of typical Vietnamese dishes in the ceremony awarding certificates of 121 typical Vietnamese culinary dishes in 2023.

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