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The joy of fish farmers on the hydroelectric lake

TQO - After 2 years of difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the caged fish farmers on the bed of Tuyen Quang hydropower reservoir has had good news thanks to the increase of fish prices and stable output.

Currently, there are more than 1,250 fish cages in Tuyen Quang hydropower reservoir with more than 100 farming households, including 2 enterprises and 2 cooperatives engaged in large-scale specialty fish farming, with a total catch of 900 tonnes/year. The development of breeding of special fish species has helped many fish farmers to have a good income.

Trinh Van Ha in residential group 7, Na Hang Town (Na Hang) takes care of the family's fish farm.

Nguyen Quang Minh in Na Tong Hamlet, Thuong Lam Commune (Lam Binh) raises 150 fish cages in Thuong Lam wharf area with 70% of cages for traditional fish and 30% of cages for kinds of specialties fish. On average, each month, he sells 10-15 tonnes of commercial fish, the annual output is about 100 tonnes. The price of commercial fish has returned to stability, giving farmers like Minh more motivation to develop and maintain the fish raising.

Realizing that specialty fish farming brings high economic efficiency, in 2020, Trinh Van Ha in residential group 7, Na Hang Town (Na Hang) invested 20 more cages, increasing the total number of fish cages up to 60 cages. Ha affirmed that raising specialty fish species has not been affected much by the Covid-19 epidemic. These fish mainly eat small fish and shrimp caught in the lake bed, so the cost is negligible. Recently, the family sold more than 30 tonnes of fish with an average price of VND450,000 per kg. After deducting expenses, his family earned more than VND400 million.

In the fisheries development project of Tuyen Quang Province in the 2019-2025 period, the province has promoted training for local people on the process of raising fish in cages in the river under a clean direction and accelerated the breeding of high-value and specialty fish. In addition, provincial functional departments are strengthening trade promotion, building brands, associated with traceability to consume and promote products.

Tuyen Quang Province strives to develop aquaculture, especially specialty fish in cages farming, to become an important commodity-economic sector in the province's agricultural structure with the total seafood production of more than 9,714 tonnes, of which, more than of 1,100 tonnes of specialty fish by 2025.

Cao Huy

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