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Effectiveness of linkage models in Chiem Hoa

TQO - Agricultural production along the value chain is a sustainable way to improve economic efficiency and income for farmers. In recent years Chiem Hoa District has implemented many solutions, contributing to improving the efficiency of value chain linkage models in agricultural production.

Local in Kim Binh Commune implement a model of linkage passion fruit trees.

Previously, Luc Thi Luan's family in Dong Tam Village, Binh Nhan Commune (Chiem Hoa) had more than 1,200 m2 of abandoned fields due to scarcity of irrigation water. After many years of struggling to find a direction to change the use purpose, last July, when the locality encouraged and mobilized people to grow F1 cucumber plants, her family invested in nets and perches to produce cucumbers. At the same time, she signed a contract to cooperate in production and consumption with Minh Tam poultry breeding cooperative (Son Duong).

Luan said that after switching to growing cucumbers in the form of association with businesses, the family was supported and guided in production techniques, so the yield and quality of the crop were outstanding. Moreover, the enterprise signed a contract to consume products with a large number of products, her family did not fear the problem of consumption of products. As a result, her family's cucumber harvest reached more than 8 tonnes of fruit, minus the family's profit of nearly VND50 million, 2 to 3 times higher than other crops.

Hung My Commune is one of the localities with a tradition of raising fattening buffaloes and cows in Chiem Hoa District. The model of value chain linkage in buffalo and fattening cattle raising of Tien Thanh Hi-tech Agriculture Cooperative (Yen Son) and Thanh Cong Agriculture and Service Cooperative, Hung My Commune is implemented in the form of a satisfactory contract commitment to consume output products. Currently, the commune's total herd of buffaloes and cows is 2,248 heads, of which nearly 30 households raise fattening buffaloes and cows. In 2021, Hung My fresh and dried buffalo meat products of Thanh Cong Agriculture, Forestry and Service Cooperative have been recognised as 4-star OCOP product. This is a condition for the commune to continue developing fattening buffaloes and cows, creating typical products, opening up a direction for sustainable economic development for local people.

Currently, in Chiem Hoa District, there are 11 projects of linkage production and consumption of products. Through the linkage chain not only improve the production value for the agricultural industry, but also gradually form a modern and market-oriented production mindset for the people.

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