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The booking rate is lower than last year

TQO - According to the reporter's research, up to this point, the rate of tourists booking rooms at motels and hotels is lower than last year.

Ms. Nguyen Thu Hien, Director of Mai Son Hotel, said that Mai Son has more than 50 rooms, including conference and seminar rooms to meet the diverse needs of customers. At this time last year, on the occasion of April 30 and May 1, the province organized the Year of Tourism, tourists had already booked rooms, but this year only less than 60% of reservations were reached.

At other hotels such as Muong Thanh, Royal, Van Tue, rooms are only filled to about 60%. Accommodation facilities such as motels and homestays currently do not have many guests booking rooms.

The reason why the tourist booking rate is low, according to the owners of the establishments, is because this year the economic situation is still difficult, people are still tightening their spending after a long time being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. In addition, many people are worried that traveling on this occasion will be too crowded and crowded together, so they have postponed their travel plans to save for the summer. However, Tuyen Quang Tourism Year 2024 still promises a boom in tourists from within the province and some neighboring provinces to visit and experience services such as the Hot Air Balloon Festival, cultural and artistic activities imbued with the cultural identities of ethnic groups in each locality in the province.

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