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Raise wages, don't raise prices

TQO - From July 1, the salary policy will be adjusted to increase for employees. However, increasing wages is only truly meaningful when the state can control inflation and not let prices escalate.

In fact, over the years, market prices have always "run ahead" of salaries of officials, civil servants, and workers. Many times, as soon as there is information about a salary increase, salary earners have not yet had time to be happy with the new salary before they have to face the skyrocketing prices of consumer goods.

According to economic experts, prices and wages are very closely related. When wages increase and commodity prices stabilize, increased wages become valuable to workers. Therefore, the state must control inflation, especially prices of essential goods.

The Government has soon proposed a number of key tasks and solutions to control inflation. In particular, focus on building, calculating the dosage and timing of adjusting prices of goods and services managed by the State (electricity, medical services, educational services) in accordance with control goals. inflationary. In addition, early announcement of the price adjustment roadmap for commodities also needs to be emphasized to avoid passivity in policy coordination. At the same time, ensure the smooth supply, circulation, and distribution of goods and services, especially for petroleum and strategic items that are likely to be affected by the disruption of the global supply chain. At the same time, be ready for appropriate and timely intervention and market stabilization plans when unexpected shocks occur.

Only when solutions to stabilize and control inflation are effectively implemented will the joy of increasing wages not be accompanied by the sadness of price increases.

Hai Lam

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