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Practical benefits from raising indigenous black pigs

TQO - The models of raising black pigs in Trung Son and Phu Thinh communes (Yen Son District) have brought enormous practical benefits to local people.

From the support capital resources of the National Agricultural Extension Centre, the Agricultural Extension Centre of Tuyen Quang Province has cooperated with the Agricultural Extension Centre of Ha Giang Province to implement the models of raising indigenous breeding black pigs under the biosecurity conditions in the communes of Trung Son and Phu Thinh (Yen Son District).

These model were established in 2019 with 9 households participating. Each of households was supported 1 boar and 9 breeding sows by the State.

Leaders of the Department of Agricultural and Rural Development visiting a model of developing indigenous black pigs in Phu Thinh Commune, Yen Son District.

During implementing the models, the officials of the Provincial Agricultural Extension Centre and the District Agricultural Service Centre have directly instructed farmers in breeding techniques in the growth process of pigs.

After 2 years, the total pig herd of 94 households is estimated of nearly 900 piglets.

The indigenous black pigs is less infected than normal white pig variety. It takes 8 months - 10 months to raise black pigs. The selling price of black pig is always stable from VND100,000 to VND150,000 per kg.

Do Thi Chieu in Dong Cuom Hamlet, Trung Son Commune siad that, since participating this model, her family was supported 1 boars and 9 breeding sows. Utilising the area of her garden, she invested in building barns for livestock. After 2 years, a total pig herd of her family is 400 piglets.

As one of the most experience households in pig farming, Dang Thi Thiet in Hamlet 2, Phu Thinh Commune shared that, the breeding technique of black pigs is quite simple. She mainly takes advantage of available food in the locality to develop the pig herds. To date, she earns over VND80 million per year from raising black pigs.

The Chairman of the People's Committee of Phu Thinh Commune Ta Xuan Trinh said that, initially, only 4 households in the commune took part in the model with 40 breeding pigs. However, during the implementation, the commune has replicated the model with 63 households and 458 piglets.

In the coming time, the commune will encourage local people to expand the indigenous black pig models with large scales, ensuring black pigs to become a local key commodity as well as building the brands of Phu Thinh and Trung Son black pigs.

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