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Fattened husbandry model: The poverty reduction direction of upland people

TQO - Raising cattle towards fattened model in the upland districts of Chiem Hoa, Na Hang, Lam Binh has accelerated the development of commodity husbandry, opening an opportunity for local people to escape poverty.

Giang Thi Phay in Tien Toc Hamlet, Binh An Commune, Lam Binh District taking care of her family's buffalo herd.

Binh An Commune (Lam Binh District) is home to 800 households, mostly Tay, Dao, and Mong ethnic minority people. The model of raising fattened husbandry in the commune has developed for 3 recent years but brought high economic efficiency. Giang A Co in Na Cooc Hamlet said that his family was a poor household while he possessed a few area of agricultural land, therefore, he was very difficult to develop the economy. In 2015, he boldly borrowed VND50 million from a branch of the Bank for Social Policies in Lam Binh to raise 2 fattened buffaloes. Getting profit from the first herd, his family gradually increased this model to 8-10 buffaloes per litters. Each year, he raised averagely 3 litters, earning more than VND100 million. In order to have raw food, he fully tapped into the areas of field banks, and hill land to grow napier grass and increased production in the third crop to plant corn trees. In addition, his family also stored straw, dried grass, corn leaves to ferment them for buffaloes' food.

The Chairman of the People's Committee of Binh An Commune Ma Cong Thanh revealed, the fattened cattle husbandry model is becoming one of profession of local people in the commune. To maintain and uphold economic efficiency from this direction, the commune has implemented support policies and encouraged households to replicate this husbandry model as well as created favourable conditions for them to access preferential loans in economic development. Currently, the commune has more than 1,000 buffaloes and 300 cows. Thanks to the promotion of husbandry, the poor households of the commune dropped from 60% by 2020 to 56% by 2021.

Raising fattened buffaloes is a main economic development direction of local people in Tien Toc Hamlet, Binh An Commune, Lam Binh District. 

Ma Van Va's family is one of the experience households in raising fattened buffaloes in Nam Kep Hamlet, Hung My Commune, Chiem Hoa District. According to him, if farmers raise buffalo fattening under technical standards, a buffalo's weight can be increased 10kg - 15kg per month and then be sold after 3,5 months - 4 months. He also shared that, the fattened buffalo raising techniques are quite simple, including semi-grazing and entire-cage raising. Food for fattened cattle is mainly vegetable, napier grass and industrial by-products such as corn trees, straw and starch of corn, sweet potato and cassava. In addition, farmers need to pay attention to clean the barn and vaccinate for cattle according to instructions.

In the coming time, local authorities in the province need to support farmers in getting loans to develop cattle breeding. At the same time, carry out the transfer of scientific and technical progress so that people improve the efficiency of animal husbandry, especially the quality of breeding.

Cao Huy

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