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Na Hang District prepares sources of agricultural products for Lunar New Year 2021

TQO - The cooperatives and local people in Na Hang District are focusing on production as well as preparing sources of agricultural products to meet the demand of people during Tet holiday.

Truong Manh Linh's family in Group 8, Na Hang Town preparing agricultural products for the Lunar New Year 2021.

Although vegetables and fruits are grown all year round in the district, Na Hang residents have paid special attention to supplying products for the market before, during and after the Lunar New Year. In addition to the vegetables being harvested such as cabbage, kohlrabi, tomatoes, local people have also grown cucumbers, onions, and celery to be harvested on the Tet holiday.

Stores' owners in Na Hang Town have prepared local specialty agricultural products, including buffalo meat, dried beef, sausages, and dried buffalo skin to meet the needs of local people.

The specialty fish farming facility under the Duc Nguyen Company Limited in Thac Mo, Na Hang Town is about to supply more than 5 tonnes of specialty fish in the market. Now, the facility has recieved partners' orders inside and outside the province.

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