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Miracle from afforestation

TQO - From a “flashpoint” on planting agricultural crops on forestry land, nowadays, Deo Tram village, Tien Bo commune, Yen Son district has become a bright spot for forestation, which is a miracle of the Nung people in the locality. From afforestation, local people have climbled out of poverty and built houses worth billions of VND.

Ten years ago, the whole village planted cassava but still could not escape poverty. The whole village at that time had 37 households, there were 27 deprived households, not including near those on the cusp of poverty. The commune has called people to abandon cassava to plant forests. Nowaday, Deo Tram village has 43 households but has 360 hectares of forest and is the leading village in afforestation area in the commune.

The forests in Deo Tram.

Before 2018, Sen Thi May's family was a near-poverty ridden household, for many years living in a temporary house. Her family has nearly 20 hectares of hilly land and currently the family is planting forests. Of which about 10 hectares have been exploited for 4 years. Each exploitation, her family collected over VND 200 million. May's family built a new house worth nearly VND 1 billion.

Sen Van Kinh's family was previously a poor household. Kinh's house has 7 hectares of forest which has been exploited for 2 years. At first, Kinh was disturbed because he was afraid of the process taking a long time to harvest. But after being instructed by commune officials, his family took care of the forest and raised pigs at the same time. For the first time, Kinh collected nearly VND 500 million from the forest, so he and his wife built a new concrete column house worth VND 700 million.

The houses built in Deo Tram from planted forest.

The village now has only 13 poor households and only 1 household in temporary housing. Those households who escaped from poverty have relied on forests. Not only planting forest, people in Deo Tram also plant forest according to FSC process. Currently, there are 26 households participating in the whole village with 62 hectares. On average, each hectare of FSC plantation, Deo Tram villagers earn VND 100 million. Presently, the whole village has over ten hectares of forests exploited according to FSC process.

Phuong Anh

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