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Expanding FSC forests

TQO - In order to increase the value of forestry production, strengthen the management and sustainable development of forests, Tuyen Quang Province has actively deployed to plant forests according to the European FSC international standards, opening a new way to improve the quality of forests.

As the first FSC forest certified locality in Son Duong District, up to now, Tu Thinh Commune has more than 1,030 hectares of FSC certified forest. The commune has more than 700 households planting forests according to FSC standards, concentrated in the hamlets of Tu Tac, Dong Hoan, Da Nang and Cau Bi. Certified forests help local people rise out of poverty sustainably with incomes of hundreds of millions of Vietnamese dong per hectare.

Six-year-old acacia forest of Nguyen Thi Chanh in Da Nang Hamlet, Tu Thinh Commune has been granted FSC certificate.

Nguyen Thi Chanh in Da Nang Hamlet, Tu Thinh Commune shared, 2 hectares of forest planted according to her FSC standards has been strictly managed and cared for according to the right techniques, so the productivity and quality of wood are improved. At the beginning of 2022, she exploited 0.5 ha of FSC plantation forest, after deducting family expenses, she earned a profit of more than VND50 million, twice as high as the previous traditional afforestation.

Like Tu Thinh Commune, other localities in the province have actively mobilised people to participate in planting and caring forests according to FSC standards. To date, the province has nearly 36,000 hectares of FSC-granted forests, with an additional 19,000 hectares expected in 2022.

Ly Thu

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