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Developing a farm economic model in Son Duong

TQO - Recently, Son Duong has led other districts in Tuyen Quang province in terms of the number of farms.

Son Duong District now has 255 farms, including 28 mixed farms, 226 pastoral farms and 1 arable farm. Some farms have been developed towards specialization, with many high-value products, mainly concentrated in the communes of Tu Thinh, Son Nam, Ninh Lai, Dai Phu.

Farmers can earn up to VND1 billion in profit from their farms every year such as Mr. Dang Lam’s fruit farm in Son Nam Commune, Mr. Tran Van Phuc’s chicken farm in Tu Thinh Commune and Ms. Hoang Thi A’s mixed farm in Thuong Am Commune.

Vu Duc Anh caring for his duck flocks in Tan Thang Hamlet, Tu Thinh Commune, Son Duong District.

Tu Thinh Commune currently has 6 livestock farms, contributing to boosting the economy of the commune. On average, each farm provides over 10.000 offspring of various kinds to the market each month, creating stable jobs for many workers with a salary of up to VND4.5 million per person per month.

In 2014, Son Duong District was also the first locality in the province to establish a Farm Association with 30 members. After 6 years, its members have grown to over 200. Accordingly, the farm owners can share their care experience and disease prevention methods for their livestock as well as discussing market prices.

Son Duong District has proactively instructed farmers to complete procedures for applying for bank loans. As a result, 106 farms have secured loans with a total amount of over VND33 billion. In addition, local authorities have constantly created favourable conditions for farmers to boost their production towards a stronger linkage chain in order to ensure product consumption.

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