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Tuyen Quang stimulates consumption after Covid-19 outbreak

TQO - The Covid-19 epidemic has had a strong impact on consumers’ needs as well as business and production activities in Tuyen Quang Province.

To remove the difficulties caused by the Covid-19, the province has set as a key task to prioritize the use of products manufactured in the province while reducing product prices in order to stimulate consumers’ demand.

Currently, there are many products manufactured in the province such as agricultural and forestry products, construction materials and lots of valuable goods services which can meet the needs of consumers.

Tan Quang cement products will be prioritized in the provincial market.

Local enterprises and household businesses have also taken measures to increase consumers’ shopping demand by providing discounts, promotional offers and extending warranties.

Thanh Hung Investment and Construction Limited Company has prioritized using products manufactured in the province such as iron, steel and cement in order to create a link between their production and consumption while boosting mutual support among each local businesses in order to recover their production in the future.

Solution on stumulating consumption and boosting production and business activities will create momentum for the province’s development in the new period, ensuring job stability and improving workers’ incomes.

Thuy Linh

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