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Aspiration to escape poverty of local people in Cau Khoai

TQO - Cau Khoai is the most difficult and remote hamlet in Tan Thanh Commune (Son Duong). With the support of the State, and the self-reliance of each household, the fire of escaping poverty was kindled.

Cau Khoai people improve their lives thanks to afforestation.

The hamlet has 60 households with 271 people, 95% are of the San Chay ethnic group. Despite the hardships and shortages, the people in the locality always unite, actively change the structure of crops, make efforts in hunger eradication and poverty alleviation. As a result, many households in the hamlet have learned and developed economic models such as families of Hoang Van Thi, Tran Van Hau, Bach Van Xenh, Bach Van Suu, etc.

Thanks to the mobilization and explanation of local authorities, people in Cau Khoai have realized the advantages of their locality. Since then, they are determined to invest in afforestation and livestock development.

Chairman of Tan Thanh Commune People's Committee Phung Ngoc Vinh emphasized that finding ways to eliminate poverty for Cau Khoai people is the top concern of the commune authorities. Many solutions have been proposed to help people stabilize their lives, such as mobilizing more investment capital to open roads; completing 350 m concrete road in the village; giving priority to support 4 households to remove temporary and dilapidated houses; creating favorable conditions for people to borrow capital for animal husbandry and afforestation; focusing on promoting propaganda and mobilizing people to apply technology in production, etc.

With the specific solutions of the commune, especially investment in road construction and support for production development capital, Cau Khoai is expected to make a breakthrough in the coming time.

Ly Thu

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