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Tuyen Quang focuses on developing ecotourism

TQO - Currently, Tuyen Quang province’s rate of forest coverage is 65%, serving as an important economic resource of the locality and an attractive destination for tourists as well.

Tuyen Quang has the potential to develop its ecotourism thanks to special national heritage sites including the Na Hang - Lam Binh nature reserve and My Lam Mineral Stream. The Na Hang - Lam Binh nature reserve has an area of 41,061 hectares, including 33,061 hectares of forest land and the 8,000 hectares of water surface of a hydroelectric reservoir bed.

Developing cultural tourism in Lam Binh District.

Over the years, the provincial authorities have directed localities to strengthen measures to protect forests and preserve the pristine landscapes of the natural conservation area. Many villages of ethnic minority groups have been planned as community-based culture and tourism villages and have developed suitable homestay facilities.

In addition, local authorities plan to unlock the ecotourism potential in the Cham Tru mountain range, which stretches across the Ham Yen and Chiem Hoa Districts. With the height of 1,570 metres above sea level, it is the highest mountain range in the province, also possessing primeval forests.

As Tuyen Quang has advantages in its strategy of developing an environmentally friendly style of tourism, the province has eyed tourism as one of three breakthrough fields for further development in the near future.

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