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Tourist attraction in centre of Tuyen Quang City

TQO - Nguyen Tat Thanh Square is one construction imbued with the cultural and historical identities of the Tuyen Quang people.

On the occasion of President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday on May 19 five years ago, Tuyen Quang Province held an inauguration ceremony for a statue entitled “Uncle Ho with all ethnic groups in Tuyen Quang Province” at the city’s Nguyen Tat Thanh Square.

The annual “Le Hoi Thanh Tuyen” (Tuyen Quang City Festival) is held at the city’s Nguyen Tat Thanh Square. 

The square covers an area of over 8.5 hectares. The square’s centre features a monument including two parts with the front of the monument being a group of seven characters with Uncle Ho’s statue located in the centre. The back of the monument is a bas-relief featuring the Tan Trao banyan tree, a historical relic of the Vietnamese revolution.

A temple dedicated to President Ho Chi Minh also features in the square. The temple includes three rooms with the whole frame made from ironwood and the structure is carved with decorative patterns. The interior decoration is in accordance with the worship tradition of Vietnamese people. The motifs and decorative patterns are imbued with the cultural characteristics of the ethnic groups in Tuyen Quang Province.

Nguyen Tat Thanh Square is not only a highlight of the urban landscape and architecture but it also preserves the cultural, political and historical features of Tuyen Quang people.

Hoang Anh

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