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Tuyen Quang city adorned red flamboyant and giant crape-myrtle flowers

TQO - These days, many streets of Tuyen Quang city have been adorned with the burning of flamboyant flowers as well as the poemtic purple colour of giant crape-myrtle flowers.

Image of flamboyant flowers can be easily found around Tan Quang lake (Phan Thiet ward).

A corner of Tan Quang lake adorned red flamboyant.

Some roads of Tuyen Quang city are naturally decorated with red flamboyant.

A flamboyant line along the Chien Thang Song Lo street.

Flamboyant flowers bloom along the Lo river bank.

Giant crape-myrtle flowers add a touch of purple to the summer of Tuyen Quang city every May.

The bright purple tone of giant crape-myrtle flowers.

The purple flowers dotted around the streets make the summer of Tuyen Quang city a memorable scene.

Thanh Thuy

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