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Staycation- increasingly popular travel trend

TQO - In Tuyen Quang, the staycation tourism model is also developing strongly in most localities in the province.

Staycation – a tourism model is being chosen by many people.

Regarded as suitable for the current tourism development trend, the staycation tourism model is chosen by many people due to its low cost and time savings.

On weekends and holidays, families and groups of tourists often come to have fun and relax for 1 day or 2 days and 1 night.

The main target customers are families, friends of the same age, same class, school groups... with a scale of several dozen to several hundred people.

Accommodation services at each tourist destination are also diverse and flexible, meeting the needs of many types of tourists, can serve meals on request or rent kitchens, dining tables for tourists to prepare their own dishes, have overnight rooms and even tents for lunch breaks, etc.

To ensure security, safety and improve the quality of tourist services, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has deployed to tourism businesses and tourist destinations in the province to fully prepare technical facilities, arrange enough staff and be ready to serve tourists.

In addition, the department recommends that localities ensure environmental sanitation, preserve the landscape at tourist destinations, arrange timely waste collection, instruct and remind visitors to participate in environmental protection; strengthen food hygiene and safety for tourist food service establishments, do not use food of unknown origin, poor quality that can cause toxicity.

Hai Huong

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