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Pomelo flower garden - an attractive destination for young people

TQO - In March, pomelo flowers have added a refreshing and sweet fragrance to gardens of households in the specialized cultivation areas of Yen Son and Ham Yen districts.

Young people and tourists come to check-in to save photos with beautiful pure white pomelo flowers. The planning of pomelo growing areas has opened up more potentials for developing rural tourism in the locality.

With about 1,000 hectares of dien pomelos, green-skinned pomelos and sugar pomelos, Phuc Ninh commune is one of the localities with the largest pomelo growing area in Tuyen Quang province.

The beginning of March is the occasion when pomelos bloom and are the most beautiful in pomelo regions of Yen Son, Ham Yen, Chiem Hoa districts...

The fragrant pomelo flowers have attracted many young people to visit, experience and take photos.

Foreign tourists visit the pomelo garden at Green Vietnam Homestay in Do hamlet, Binh Xa commune (Ham Yen).

Vuong Ngoc Quang, Owner of Green Vietnam Homestay Do hamlet, Binh Xa commune (Ham Yen) invites tourists to enjoy tea imbued with grapefruit flavor.

Ton Duong

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