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Flower of the mountains

TQO - In early March, white pear flowers covered the mountains of Hong Thai (Na Hang).

Currently, Hong Thai commune has 105 hectares of pear trees, but the most is in Khau Trang village. Pear flowers bloom in late February, the flowers clump together in clusters, lasting 2 to 3 weeks. The warm spring weather is also the time when the pear trees bloom the most beautiful.

Tourists flock to Hong Thai commune to witness the beauty of pear flowers. Visitors can see white gardens in the corner of the sky. In particular, Hong Thai commune also has a 6 km long pear flower road running through 4 villages of the commune. This road has just been recognized by Guinness Vietnam as "The longest pear blossom route in Vietnam".

The pear tree not only brings significant income to the ethnic minorities in the locality, but also contributes to the diversification of tourism types, gradually changing the face of this highland commune.

Thanh Phuc

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