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Culture-tourism village at the foot of La mountain

TQO - Dong Son village, Chan Son commune, is about 10 km from Yen Son town, Tuyen Quang city. The village has about 140 households, mainly Cao Lan ethnic people living together at the foot of La mountain. Surrounding that small village is the cool green water flowing around Ngoi La 1 and Ngoi La 2 lakes.

Dong Son village possesses 67 stilt houses, including 8 ancient wooden stilt houses, the rest are stylized and renovated with solid, sturdy concrete stilt houses.

To turn potential into opportunities for tourism development, from 2021 until now, Yen Son District People's Committee has implemented the Project "Building a Cao Lan Ethnic culture  village in Dong Son associated with community tourism development", contributing to preserve and promote the cultural identity of the Cao Lan ethnic group in the locality.

The district focuses on building cultural village products associated with homestay experiences, dining services, entertainment, boating, fishing on Ngoi La 1 and Ngoi La 2 lakes;etc.

Dong Son is gradually awakening and promoting its potential to become an indispensable tourist destination in the journey of connecting tourists to experience the Thanh Tuyen Festival, My Lam Mineral Spring resort tourism, Na Hang Cool green Ngoi La lake.

Ngoi La lake.

The Cao Lan people's stilt houses are like the cultural soul of the whole community.

An ancient stilt house of the Cao Lan people.

A corner of Dong Son village.

Cao Lan ethnic people in Dong Son in their traditional costumes.

Traditional brocade weaving is still preserved by people.

Tourists experience rafting on Ngoi La lake.

Cao Lan culture is passed down through ancient books.

Knitting craft has been restored in association with the development of tourist souvenir products.

A picture of a peaceful village in Dong Son.

Thuy Le - Van Anh

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