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People in Nang Kha develop tourism on their own stilt houses

TQO - Since 2016, a few households in Nang Kha commune (Na Hang) have boldly renovated to upgrade stilt houses to become modern.

According to Resolution of the Provincial People's Council on supporting tourism development in the province with a norm of VND80 million per household. Thereby creating motivation to help many households boldly renovate their stilt houses.

Currently, Nang Kha commune has over 50 ancient stilt houses, most in Na Kha and Na Vai villages.

With this type of tourism, tourists will live together in families to learn about the customs of the local people, participate in the people's daily activities and enjoy traditional dishes of indigenous such as smoked buffalo meat, grilled fish, bamboo shoots, wild vegetables, etc.

The price of this type of tourism ranges from VND80,000 - VND100,000.

In the near future, these stilt houses will become a new highlight for experiential tourism in Na Hang district.                                                                                   

Le Duy

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