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Tuyen Quang is imbued with historical and cultural beauty

TQO - The historical land of Tuyen Quang is the Capital of the Liberation Zone, the Capital of the Resistance with 22 ethnic groups.

The beauty of Na Hang - Lam Binh lake.

Many visitors to Tuyen Quang have expressed that this is a land rich in highland culture, possessing a unique beauty with such as Song Long cave, Phia Vai cave, Thuong Lam commune (Lam Binh), Na Hang lake - Lam Binh, etc.

In addition, visitors can feel the cultural traditions, rusticity, kindness and hospitality of the Tay, Mong, Dao... ethnic people in this land.

Tuyen Quang is a land with a rich history and diverse culture. Historical tourism, spiritual tourism, eco-tourism and cultural tourism activities need to continue to be improved, so that visitors who come once will remember and hope to return one day.

Duc Anh

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