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Brilliant yellow bell flowers in the heart of the city

TQO - In the late autumn and early winter, hundreds of yellow bellflower trees along Tan Trao route (Tuyen Quang city) are blooming brightly, beautifying the landscape of Tuyen Quang city.

From mid-October to early November, along Tan Trao route from the ancient citadel gate to the Provincial Convention Center, rows of yellow bell trees are blooming brightly, adorning the landscape beauty of the city.

The bright yellow flower path is planted in the middle of the median strip, within the green space of the city.

Yellow bell flowers are large, bright yellow, bell-shaped.

Girls from districts have also come here to take photos with yellow bell flowers.

Golden bell trees are often planted to create beautiful landscapes in parks, sidewalks, villa grounds, streets and other public spaces, etc.

Viet Duong - Quoc Viet

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