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Son Duong improves efficiency of waste management model

TQO - The initiative to establish the waste collection, classification, and treatment model to raise funds for daily activities of the Youth Union of Nhat Tan Hamlet, Thien Ke Commune, Son Duong District has brought practical effects, attracting a large number of youth union members.

The Youth Union of Nhat Tan Hamlet, Thien Ke Commune, Son Duong District collecting waste.

Secretary of the hamlet Youth Union Phung Huy Cuong said that the hamlet has 60 households. However, the locality has only one garbage tank.

Recognising that the youth union is an important force involved in environmental protection, the hamlet Youth Union built a model of "Waste collection, classification and treatment" to raise funds, with the participation of 15 members.

To implement this model, each member has communicated and instructed local people to voluntarily collect garbage and recycle waste at each family. Every month, the members will organise 2 meetings on the 15th and the last day of the month to go to each household to collect and classify for sale. The proceeds will be put into the fund to organise activities in the locality.

In addition, the hamlet Youth Union also take responsibility for many other tasks such as taking care of self-managed roads, general cleaning of roads and alleys on Saturdays, and mobilise union members and local people to sort trash neatly in the right place.

Up to now, the hamlet Youth Union has organised 10 times to collect and sell over 4 tonnes of recyclable waste, earning about VND3 million.

Minh Thuy

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