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Natural medicinal herb treasure

TQO - The area for planting and storing medicinal varieties of Luong Tien Trung, a Cao Lan herbalist lives in Ham Ech village, Thuong Am commune (Son Duong).

The whole area of ​​more than 20 hectares of Luong Tien Trung is now likened to a natural pharmacy. All are grown naturally and symbiotically to ensure the highest medicinal properties.

The varieties of medicinal plants are preserved by Mr. Trung (middle).

Trung is very proud of his "medicinal treasure". More than 300 varieties of medicinal plants, especially rare medicinal varieties were collected, preserved in his garden.

Luong Tien Trung shared that, in the first 7 years, he will spend time collecting, storing and preserving medicinal plant varieties, especially precious medicinal plant varieties that are in danger of extinction, with a scale of about 320 - 350 varieties. At this time, he moved around the provinces and cities to collect and migrate precious medicinal plants.

According to statistics, in Ham Ech area, Luong Tien Trung is currently storing, conserving and propagating over 300 medicinal plants. When the source of medicinal herbs is stabilised, he will expand this area by combining with local people.

In Ham Ech Hamlet, a centre for treatment with herbal medicine combined with martial arts has been established. The whole treatment area is located right in his reserve area. In particular, the centre provides free treatment for poor, disabled, orphan patients.

Trung said that he had just established Cao Lan Medical Cooperative. His expectation is that after completing the infrastructure and material areas, Cao Lan Medical and Martial Arts Center will become a new tourist destination of Thuong Am. Visitors will be able to visit the area for planting and preserving medicinal plants, treating and taking care of their health with herbal remedies, practicing health care, practicing qigong, meditating, enjoying nature and relaxing, etc.

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