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Vote of confidence creates positive effects: opinions

TQO - The vote of confidence on 44 officials holding the positions elected or approved by the 15th-tenure National Assembly (NA) was held seriously and in line with regulations, reflecting the increasing democracy of parliamentary activities.

The 15th National Assembly holds the vote of confidence on 44 officials on October 25. (Photo: VNA)

The vote of confidence on October 25, part of the 15th NA’s ongoing sixth session, was the fourth to be organised so far. The previous ones were held at the fifth and eighth sessions of the 13th NA in June 2013 and November 2014, respectively, and the sixth session of the 14th NA in October 2018.

Highlighting positive effects from each vote of confidence, Dr Nguyen Viet Chuc, former Vice Chairman of the NA Committee for Culture, Education, Youth, Adolescents and Children, said that the activity demonstrates the political system’s high sense of responsibility towards people. It is a meter of officials’ performance, an encouragement for the ones with many votes of “high confidence”, and also a warning for those with a majority of votes of “low confidence”.

This is a highly positive sign of the modern society and also accords with the Party’s guideline that officials must satisfy and meet people’s expectations, he noted.

Chuc went on to say that in this time’s vote of confidence, most officials had votes of “high confidence” much higher than “low confidence” ones. He considered this as encouraging as it reflected officials’ fulfillment of their duties as well as the country’s determination to surmount pandemic-triggered difficulties.

Mentioning several officials with many votes of “low confidence”, he said it not only requires them to further improve their capacity but also indicates that there are some problematic mechanisms hampering officials to work effectively.

Chien expressed his belief that the NA will consider and solve those problems to help officials improve their performance.

Highly valuing the voting results, Do Thi Tam, Deputy Director of the Ha Thanh Co. Ltd based in Hanoi’s Hai Ba Trung district, said the ballots represent not only legislators’ assessment but also voters and people’s voice, adding the ultimate goal of the vote of confidence is to ensure the interests of the country and people.

Another purpose is to help officials realise the level of confidence given to them in order to make self-improvement. The country has big aspirations and major opportunities, but challenges are also considerable, so the political system and people require strong mettle from officials, she went on.

Tam voiced her belief that after the vote of confidence, officials in the entire political system will make more effective contributions to society and especially, think big, act bold, and dare to bear responsibility.


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