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Creating advantages to attract foreign investment projects

TQO - In recent years, Tuyen Quang province has always accompanied and cooperated for development with many partners from countries around the world, aiming at local socio-economic development.

The Tuyen Quang - Ha Giang expressway is being promoted with construction, creating an advantage in attracting investment.

The province has 20 projects from 17 foreign investors, with a total investment of over 340 million USD; Receiving aid from many international partners, including Japanese partners, has supported Tuyen Quang province with 25 projects with a total value of over 1.4 million USD in the fields of health, education, and environment, etc.

In early March 2024, Tuyen Quang province had another project worth more than 20 million USD (equivalent to VND478.8 billion) invested by a Japanese partner. The Erex Sakura Tuyen Quang biomass fuel plant project was constructed.

The project has a scale of 3.3 hectares and has a design capacity of producing biomass pellets of 150,000 tons of product per year and wood chips of 150,000 tons of product per year. The factory is expected to operate in 2025. This is a positive signal in attracting foreign investment projects in Tuyen Quang province.

Attracting foreign investment capital with large-scale projects, modern technology, in line with the province's development trends and advantages to create new values not only contributes to economic growth results of the province, but also affirms the correctness of Tuyen Quang's green and sustainable growth orientation.

Hai Huong

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