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The ritual of worshiping to enter the new house of the Dao people

TQO - The Dao people at the foot of Co Yeng pass, Co Yeng Hamlet, Thanh Tuong Commune, Na Hang District have actively build a new life and preserved their cultural identities, including the custom of worshiping to enter a new house.

Truong Phuc Hao's new house in Co Yeng Hamlet, Thanh Tuong Commune, Na Hang District.

The custom of worshiping to enter a new house is an important ritual in the culture of the Dao people. The ceremony not only shows sincerity and gratitude to their ancestor, but also is a new beginning of peace and prosperity for the family. To prepare the ritual, the owner must invite a reputable shaman to select a good day for the ceremony.

The offering is very simple, including 1 rooster, a little salt, rice, and a silver ring. After burning incense, the shaman reports to ancestor about the new house. On behalf of the owner, he invites the gods to come home to enjoy the ceremony as well as chase away the evils.

In addition, the homeowner prepares a bamboo boat, sticking paper around. At the end of the ceremony, the owner brings the boat out and burns it with the meaning of driving out the evils from the house. Since then, his family will have a peaceful life.

Finally, the family invites their relatives to come and enjoy unique dishes. The Dao people believe that when entering a new house, the more their relatives come, the more luck they receive.

Hoang Anh

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