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People in Nang Kha commune preserves stilts houses

TQO - The people of Nang Kha (Na Hang) are taking the lead in preserving the architecture of stilt houses and creating a green space to welcome.

People in Nang Kha commune preserves stilts houses.

According to the Tay people, a beautiful stilt house has its back facing the mountain, while the front of the house facing the paddy field. The Tay people's stilt houses have their own unique beauty and aesthetic architecture, and the harmony between nature and cultural depth.

Head of the Division of Na Hang District Culture and Information Hoang minh Dang said that, since 2016, the division has integrated many programs and put community-based tourism into operation, contributing to improving the local people’s income and preserving the ancient architecture of stilt houses.

The 30-year-old stilt house of La Van San from Na Kha village is recognized as the most beautiful house in the commune. In 2017, San’s family was selected by the People's Committee of Na Hang district to develop community-based tourism (homestay). Currently, his house is capable of accommodating over 20 guests with the average price from VND60,000 to VND100,000 per day per person.

Hoang Van Hung from Na Vai village shared that, in 2020, he and many households in the locality have invested more than VND100 million to renovate their stilt house to develop homestay tourism model. Although operating for more than 2 years, his family's homestay service has welcomed many visitors both inside and outside the province.

Currently, the commune has more than 20 households using stilt houses to develop homestay tourism, mostly in the villages of Na Kha, Na Vai, Na Chang, Na Reo, etc.

Le Duy

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