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Day cake of Lam Binh people

TQO - Day cake is one of the delicious and attractive specialties of ethnic groups in Lam Binh district. With the delicious taste, day cake has become a favorite dish of many people.

People in Phuc Son commune (Lam Binh) make day cakes with different colors.

Banh day is made from fragrant upland sticky rice. To make colorful cake, people in Lam Binh use the color from wild leaves and fruits. These colors are created by boiling leaves or pounding to extract into colored water. The colored water is mixed with glutinous rice and soaked overnight or 8 hours, then taken out it to drain and put in a pot to cook into sticky rice.

Next, pound the sticky rice and mold it into flat circles. The outside of the cake is wrapped by fresh dong leaves or green banana leaves to prevent the cakes from sticking together.

Women in Thuong Lam commune (Lam Binh) make day cakes.

The filling includes sesame and bean. When enjoy it, you will then realize that each bite of the soft day cake carries the delectable scent and taste of a mountainous land.

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