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Village's soul

TQO - Maintaining a rustic village identity in the face of changes in the times is a challenge. In Phuc Ung, a peaceful land in Son Duong district, local people have still preserved their own village cultural space.

Nung people in Khuon The (Phuc Ung) preserve their traditional costumes.

Although Phuc Ung is influenced by urbanization, this countryside still retains cultural values imbued with village characteristics such as communal roofs, ethnic costumes, stilt houses, ancient houses, craft villages, etc.

Not only preserving the space and typical architecture of the village, the people of Phuc Ung commune still keep many traditional beauties. For example, in Dinh Chung village, there are many festivals and customs, so village meetings are held regularly. On the 6th day of the 6th lunar month, the village organizes a ceremony to pray for good luck and peace for the villagers at the village communal house.

Recognizing the value of village culture as the fulcrum for building a new civilized and modern life, for many years, the villages in Phuc Ung have reviewed and evaluated the good customs and habits in life that need to be preserved.

Nong Thi Nam, Chairwoman of the Fatherland Front Committee of Phuc Ung Commune said that to date, most weddings are held at home in a formal and economical manner; In the village where someone died, the village head and the family funeral committee set up a funeral that lasted only 1.5 days. Things such as taking care of trees, raising animals, and dumping garbage in the right places are strictly obeyed by the people.

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