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National festival reflects cultural identities

TQO - These days, the residential areas jubilantly organize the Great National Unity Day. The color of solidarity is clearly and deeply expressed.

These are the activity of summarizing the movements of building cultural life at grassroots level, commenting on cultural families, and the goals and expectations for the next year, etc. After the ceremony is a lively festival imbued with traditional cultural identity.

During the festival, the women are gracefully dressed in traditional costumes. That is the charm of the Vietnamese national dress, the indigo color of the Tay and Nung ethnic women, outstanding red color of Dao girls, brilliant pattern in the traditional costumes of Mong and Pa Then, some highlights on the Cao Lan national costume. These costumes are the identity, the soul of each ethnic group.

Through textures, color schemes, shapes of their pants, shirts, scarves, ethnic minorities convey their conception of the world view, human outlook and life activities as well as culture of the community. All create a colorful flower garden, making the meaningful festival atmosphere.

Cultural beauty is also expressed through folk dance performances of ethnic minorities. It is Khen (pan-pipe) sound of H'mong people, Then melodies of Tay people or Chim Gau dance of Cao Lan people, etc.

Keeping that cultural treasure is the process of transmission of generations, in order for each of us to understand more about the cultural identity of the ethnic groups, thereby being conscious of preserving the treasures of our ancestors.

Chuc Huyen

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