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Having a passion for Sinh Ca

TQO - Coming to Dong Son Hamlet, Chan Son Commune (Yen Son), everyone is impressed with members of the club ‘preserving Cao Lan cultural identity’ because anyone in the club can sing Sinh ca melodies and perform their traditional dances. In particular, they are always ready to perform to serve visitors with all their passion and love for traditional culture.

Members of the club singing Sinh Ca.

Inspite of 60 years old, the passion for Sinh Ca of Tran Thi Chien has never subsided. She is currently the core of the club to preserve Cao Lan cultural identity in Dong Son hamlet. She knew to sing Sinh Ca since she was 14 years old.

"Sinh ca is performed by a man and a woman, or a group of men and women. It is sung in many different situations, such as weddings, festivals, Tet holiday. Sinh ca is not only rhyming verses but also a form of folk song that deeply expresses the wisdom and emotions of the Cao Lan people's outlook on life and world", she said.

Thanks to Sinh Ca, listeners feel the beauty of the soul of the simple but delicate and sincere of Cao Lan people.

Now the club has even young members who can sing Sinh Ca like Ma Duc Thai, 8 years old. Even at a young age, he not only knew the lyrics of the song but also sing quite fluently.

With the passion for traditional culture, the members of the club have been enriching the cultural treasures of the Cao Lan people day by day.

Hai Yen

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