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Tuyen Quang enhances management of urban development according to plans

TQO - Tuyen Quang Provincial Department of Construction has drastically implemented the management of construction and urban development according to the approved plans over recent times, significantly contributing to the process of urban development in the province.

Accordingly, the department has prioritised the allocation of State budget capital for the detailed plans of subdivisions and construction in urban areas as well as the implementation of investment projects, land allocation or lease, and granting construction permits.

The prioritised projects included the continued investment and development of Tuyen Quang City into a Grade 2 urban area in 2020, towards the title of a Grade 1 city in the future; the adjustment of the general plan for the construction of Son Don district-level town in the district of the same name, Vinh Loc Town in Chiem Hoa District and the centre of Yen Son District by 2025, with a vision to 2030.

Minh Thanh residential area in Tan Ha Ward, Tuyen Quang City, has been planned synchronously.

The continued investment project for the construction of Grade 5 urban areas in many communes including Thuong Lam (in Lam Binh District); Yen Hoa and Da Vi (in Na Hang District); Hoa Phu, Ngoc Hoi and Phuc Son (in Chiem Hoa District); Thai Son and Phu Luu (in Ham Yen District); My Bang, Xuan Van and Trung Son (in Yen Son District); and Son Nam and Hong Lac (in Son Duong District).

In 2020, the provincial Department of Construction will complete the project of digitising planning maps, while making plans for the development of urban areas to implement investment projects according to the form of public-private partnerships and land-use projects. The Department will also direct the investors to accelerate the formation of subdivision planning areas, detailed planning and design for urban areas, and regulations on management of urban planning in accordance with the land use plan. Violations of construction planning will be strictly handled in accordance to the order and provisions of law.

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