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Tuyen Quang supports local business development

TQO - With the target of having at least 2,000 enterprises by 2020, Tuyen Quang Province has facilitated a range of solutions to support local businesses in their development.

Reforming administrative procedures, and thus shortening the working time for businesses, is considered a key task. The province has regularly reformed administrative procedures in appraising and registering business numbers and tax codes. In particular, the time required to register as a newly established business has been shortened from 2.1 days to only 8 working hours, down 50% compared to the prescribed time.

Public staff at the Tuyen Quang Provincial Department of Planning and Investment support businesses in carrying out the procedure on expanding production and business.

In 2019, the Tuyen Quang Provincial Department of Planning and Investment received 1,820 business registration applications, of which 177 were submitted online. The department also issued newly-established registration certificates for 209 enterprises with a total capital of over VND1.75 trillion, bringing the total number of newly established businesses to nearly 1,700, with total registered capital of over VND17 trillion.

Statistics show that the whole province currently has nearly 24,000 registered business households that generate revenue. In which, there are nearly 23,000 households with turnover of less than VND1 billion, 295 with revenue from VND1 to 3 billion, and over 30 business households with turnover ranging from VND3-5 billion, while the remainder have annual revenue of over VND5 billion.

Supporting and creating favourable conditions for enterprises under the motto of "Prosperous enterprises for a developed Tuyen Quang", the province is striving to join hands with other relevant departments, sectors and localities to boost businesses support and development policies in 2020.

Song Gam

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