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Tuyen Quang chilli farming model shows great effectiveness

TQO - The chilli growing model run by the Tuyen Quang Provincial Vocational Training and Farmer Support Centre in association with the Dong Nam A Pharmacy Company Limited (in Nghe An Province) has initially achieved remarkable results.

The model has been deployed since February this year, covering 1 hectare on the campus of the Provincial Farmers' Association. Accordingly, the Dong Nam A Pharmacy has provided F1 GM40 chilli seeds for the project, nylon covers and technical guidance on seedling nursing, planting and tending, as well as covering product consumption.

Staff from the Tuyen Quang Provincial Vocational Training and Farmer Support Centre harvest chillies.

After three months, the first crop has been harvested. It features a kind of chilli variety that is easy to grow and tend. The plant has remarkable advantages in resisting disease, with an estimated yield of 28 tonnes per hectare per crop, bringing about higher economic efficiency, 3-4 times greater than other short-day crops in the same area.

The model will serve as a basis for further propagation and encouragement of local Farmers' Association members towards safe farming practices. In addition, the model has also proven its efficiency and high economic value in agricultural production.

In the near future, the Provincial Farmers' Association will continue to boost coordination with Dong Nam A Pharmacy to replicate the chilli farming model among other local farmers. It is expected to help create a sustainable production link between farmers and businesses.

Ly Thinh

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