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Tuyen Quang affirms its agricultural and forestry products in domestic and export markets

TQO - From a poor province with fragmented production and that had not appeared on the national map, Tuyen Quang Province has affirmed the position of its agricultural and forestry products in both the domestic and export markets.

The province has boosted agricultural commodity production and restructured its agricultural sector towards improving added value and sustainable development in all fields.

The locality now possesses 47 brands of agricultural products, including those capturing the domestic markets to appear in exchanges and supermarkets in major provinces and cities, including Bat Tien My Bang tea, Tuyen Quang honey, Vinh Tan special tea, Ham Yen oranges, and Xuan Van pomelos. Notably, green and black tea and processed wooden products from the province have been exported to many markets in Asia, Europe and America.

Tea production line of My Lam Tea Joint Stock Company

The local livestock industry has been developed towards a focus on large-scale production, featuring the formation of enterprises and disease-free farms. There were 10 businesses, 20 cooperatives, 267 farms and 117 animal husbandry groups across the whole province at the end of 2019.

Tuyen Quang’s forestry production witnessed sustainable development, with over 25,300 hectares of forests receiving certificates by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the highest rate in the country. The province has planted over 11,000 hectares of forests annually, while the output of timber harvested from plantation forests reached over 840,000 cubic metres per year, ranking first in the northern mountainous region.

The locality’s cooperative economy has also thrived, gradually playing an important role in the agricultural commodity production chain. The province now has 267 agricultural, forestry and fishery cooperatives, an increase of 98 cooperatives compared to 2015. They operate in the fields of agricultural commodity production and linking production with consumption.

The production of high-quality rice in Kim Phu Commune, Yen Son District.

The provincial authorities have prioritised integrating investment capital sources to complete rural infrastructure serving for production. Since 2015, 510km of in-field roads, 888 cultural houses, 30 rural markets and 176 irrigation works have been constructed. In addition, 847km of canals were solidified with prefabricated structures.

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