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The economic development potential of Xa Thi Hamlet

TQO - Xa Thi Hamlet in Da Vi Commune, Na Hang District, has gradually changed its appearance, creating a new motivation for development.

Xa Thi is one of the leading hamlets in cage fish farming. After participating in a training course on cage fish farming launched by the district authorities in 2014, local people decided to invest in cage fish farming. As a result, local households harvest more than 1 tonne of fish per year, with each earning profit of over VND150 million annually.

A corner of Xa Thi Hamlet, Da Vi Commune, Na Hang District.

In addition, local people in Xa Thi Hamlet have expanded their business activities. Many households have opened grocery stores and agricultural supplies stores to meet the essential needs of the locals. Xa Thi Hamlet’s residents can now earn over VND200 million per year from their business.

The profession of making dry noodles has also been expanded in the hamlet. So far, many dry noodle establishments of the local people have gained a foothold in the markets of Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Phu Tho, and others.

To date, the local authorities have prepared plans on fish farming, business and services activities to utilise the potentials of the hamlet, create more stable jobs and increase incomes for the local people.

There are 173 households in Xa Thi Hamlet, with only two poor households and three near-poor ones. The hamlet is striving to lift the three near-poor households out of poverty in a sustainable manner this year.

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