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Developing traditional crafts in Chiem Hoa District

TQO - The development of traditional crafts has contributed to creating jobs and stable incomes for Chiem Hoa District’s residents.

Over the years, many producers of ‘banh gai’ (a glutinous rice cake blackened in a concoction of edible leaves) in Vinh Loc Town have affirmed their reputation with customers. They have provided about 4,000 - 5,000 ‘banh gai’ per month, earning a profit of VND10 million.

Local people in Vinh Quang Commune, Chiem Hoa District weaving rattan and bamboo products during their free time.

In addition, Chiem Hoa Distrcit has developed the craft of bamboo weaving, bringing stable incomes for local people. The craft has created jobs for 50 workers in Hung My Commune with incomes of VND3 million - VND4 million per person per month.

In order to further develop the bamboo weaving trade, the commune has formed a Rattan and Bamboo Weaving Cooperative. The communal People’s Committee has coordinated with a number of handicraft production facilities in Chuong My District (Hanoi) to enhance their consumption links. Besides this, the commune’s authorities have opened vocational training courses and invited skilled artisans to teach local people.

Chiem Hoa district is continuing to invest in building, developing and expanding the brands of many traditional products, in association with the “One Commune, One Product” initiative. The district has also proposed many solutions to develop production and promote local products and specialties at trade fairs inside and outside the province.

Cao Huy

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