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Organising production and business activities effectively

TQO - In the context of complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, industrial production enterprises have changed their strategies, selected optimal solutions to overcome difficulties and organised production and business activities effectively.

Production of fashion clothes for export at SESHIN VN2 One Member Company Limited. 

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam, officer of Song Lo 8B Hydropower Plant shared that, all 3 machines of Song Lo 8B Hydropower Plant were officially put into operation with an installed capacity of 27 MW in April 2021. After just over 8 months of operation, the power output of the plant has reached 78 million KWh, revenue of VND73 billion, contributing to the State budget about VND17 billion.

There are many difficulties due to the covid-19 epidemic, but it is a successful year for the cement industry. Mr. Nguyen Danh Thang, Director of Tan Quang Cement Joint Stock Company emphasized, the drastic intervention of the province in disbursing public investment capital has created a push for construction enterprises to deploy projects and works. As a result, the cement industry has many opportunities to consume products. The company realised the dual goals of both production and epidemic prevention. Therefore, in 2021, the company produces and consumes 1 million tonnes of cement products, exceeding the planned target by more than 10%. The revenue is over VND900 billion.

In addition, a number of enterprises have exceeded production and business plans for 2021 since November, such as SESHIN VN2 One Member Company Limited, which has completed 14 million products, reaching over 150%; Yen Son Garment Company has produced 930 thousand products, reaching 155%; Tuyen Quang Paper Joint Stock Company produced 2.8 thousand tonnes of products, reaching 115% of the year plan, etc.

In 2021, the industrial production value of the province will reach over VND 15,777 trillion, completing the 2021 plan, exceeding 22.7% compared to 2020.

Trang Tam

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