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A Dao ethnic man succeeds in black pig raising model

TQO - After many failures, Ban Can Them, a Dao ethnic man in the resettlement area of Hun Village, Dong Hamlet, Hung My Commune, Chiem Hoa has succeeded in the black pig breeding model.

His herd of black pigs is raised according to the natural direction.

His farm is located along the bank of a stream, near small hills. Therefore, his pig barn was also built simply with three stables. Initially, he bought indigenous black pigs to raise and breed.

He shared that, the black pig breed has high resistance, adapting to the natural grazing environment and preventing few diseases. As a result, every day, he only feeds pigs 2 meals with the main food such as beans, corn, and bananas.

The pig herd is naturally grazed, so he trained the pigs to get used to the sound of the gong whenever he called them home to eat or return to the barn. Because he is not usually there, he invested in a camera system to easily take care of pigs.

He gives the piglets medicine to prevent disease.

Each litter of black pigs he raised for about 6-7 months. During that time, he combined with raising chicken for meat. His flock of chickens is up to 400-500. Chickens are also raised according to the natural direction by him.

In 2020, Them exported 2 litters of pigs with more than 60 pigs and about 300 chickens. Excluding expenses, his family earned nearly VND80 million.

Ma Van Hoa, Head of Dong Hamlet, Hung My Commune, Chiem Hoa District said that Them's model of black pig raising combined with chicken raising was the first model of the resettlement area of Hun village. The model has gradually brought a stable income to his family.

Thu Trang

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