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Developing agricultural commodities in Na Hang District

TQO - Na Hang District’s agricultural production has developed rapidly over the past few years, reaching an annual growth rate of over 4%.

In order to boost agricultural commodity production, the district has effectively focused on expanding specialised cultivation areas such as the Shan Tuyet tea production region which covers a total area of 1,308 hectares in Sinh Long, Hong Thai, and Son Phu Communes; a safe vegetable production area in Hong Thai Commune; and an aquaculture area in Na Hang ecological lake with 809 fish cages.

Caged fish is becoming a key product in Na Hang District.

Four local products in the district were granted trademarks, including Na Hang corn wine, Hong Thai safe vegetables, Na Hang specialty fish, and Shan Tuyet tea. Two products have been certified to be produced according to VietGAP standards including Hong Thai safe vegetables and Na Hang specialty fish.

Hong Thai Commune is one of the localities in Na Hang District taking the lead in the development of agricultural commodity. The commune plans to promote 37 hectares of fruit trees and more than 25 hectares of cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, and chayote. The commune has also maintained and developed 61.6 hectares of Shan Tuyet tea and 30 hectares of Kim Tuyen and Phuc Van Tien tea.

In order to develop its agricultural commodities in a sustainable manner, Na Hang District has cooperated with relevant agencies to organise many trade promotion activities and connect farmers with scientists and businesses in order to create valuable products.

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