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Building local brands for agricultural products

TQO - In addition to products and services of corporations and enterprises, many famous local specialties were honoured as “Vietnamese brands”.

Honey from Phong Tho Beekeeping Cooperative in An Khang Commune, Tuyen Quang City, was one of the few agricultural products that were honoured as typical agricultural products in 2017.

The cooperative’s market has expanded since its honey brand was recognised. Thus, its revenue has increased constantly, reaching over VND5 billion in 2019.

Ham Yen 2 King Oranges were honoured with the “Vietnam Golden Agricultural Brands” by the General Council of Agriculture and Rural Development in both 2017 and 2019.

The cooperative supplies more than 500 tonnes of honey to the market each year, of which 300 tonnes are for export and the rest is for the domestic market. The selling price of honey ranges between VND150,000 and VND300,000 per litre.

Although Tuyen Quang has few products that have been recognised and honoured as national brands, lots of local products were granted trademarks affirming their “reputation” in the market, such as Bat Tien My Bang Tea, Vinh Tan Crystal Eyed Catfish, Xuan Van Grapefruit, and Ham Yen 2 King Oranges.

Currently, nearly 50 products in Tuyen Quang have been certificated for their trademarks. The certification acts as motivation for local enterprises and cooperatives to prove the value of their products in the market through consumers’ choices.

Tran Lien

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