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Foreign tourists experience Mid-Autumn Festival in Tuyen Quang province

TQO - Local people in Tuyen Quang City, in the province of the same name, are busy making mid-autumn festival lanterns and moon cakes, in preparation for Thanh Tuyen Festival and the Festival of National Intangible Cultural Heritage 2019 that will take place from September 12-14.

Couple David and Karen Osborne arrived in Tuyen Quang City in late August to experience the mid-autumn festival with local people, during their trans-Vietnam journey.

David Osborne said that they searched the key words ‘Tuyen Quang mid-autumn festival’ on Google under the guidance of their friend. As a result, a series of articles about Tuyen Quang City with unique lanterns appeared that inspired their pleasure and curiosity. Therefore, the foreign tourists decided to come to Tuyen Quang to discover the uniqueness of special mid-autumn festival lanterns.

David and Karen Osborne join with local people in making mid-autumn festival lanterns.

Giang Lam

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