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Exploring homestay tourism in Ban Bien Hamlet

TQO - As a locality with potential for tourism, local people in Ban Bien Hamlet, Phuc Son Commune (Chiem Hoa) have restored traditional houses that meet the homestay criteria. Initially, the homestay facilities in the hamlet have made its own mark by unique traditional customs imbued with Dao ethnic identity.

Ban Bien Hamlet has 184 households, of which 90% are Dao ethnic people. Ban Bien has many destinations such as Tham Nam Cave - a provincial cultural relic, Tham Ngan Cave, Tat Dien Waterfall, etc. The advantage of these caves is a large number of beautiful stalactites with many shapes. Along with a thousand-year-old cave system, a vast primeval forest covers the whole village. Therefore, the climate in Ban Bien is very fresh, making it an ideal natural resort destination.

In order to exploit the potential strengths of tourism and help people increase their incomes, Phuc Son Commune has a policy of promoting tourism development, including the Ban Bien community tourism village. Seizing this opportunity, some households in the commune have pioneered in renovating and embellishing their houses to welcome tourists. Currently, 6 houses have been put into operation, meeting the need of visitors.

Coming to Ban Bien Hamlet, visitors can live in a natural space. There, family members bond with each other by meaningful activities such as taking pictures together in the flower garden, harvesting vegetables and fruits together. In particular, visitors have a chance to exploit the Dao cultural identity through traditional houses, stone fences, traditional costumes, voices, folk songs, and folk dances, etc.

The rustic, simple but warm is the unique feature of homestay tourism in Ban Bien Hamlet. This is really an indispensable destination for tourists!

Chuc Huyen

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