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Discovering attractive tourist attractions in Lam Binh District

TQO - Lam Binh District is well known as an area with many famous attractions, including Na Hang - Lam Binh ecological lake, Thuong Lam fairy land, and homestay facilities of local people.

Campfires and lively music performances are unmissable experiences for visitors to A Phu homestay facility in Thuong Lam Commune.

Na Hang - Lam Binh ecological lake: The lake with 8,000-hectare water surface area and many beautiful landscapes is an indispensable destination  for tourists to discover the land and people of Tuyen Quang Province. Each place is a masterpiece of nature associated with the legends  such as Coc Vai Mountain, Nang Tien - Chu Khach Mountain, Song Long cave, Phia Vai cave, Khuoi Nhi Waterfall, and Pac Ta Mountain.

Thuong Lam area: The land with 99 mountains in combination with the 99-phoenix-bird legendary attracts a lots of visitors. The beauty of paddy fields, traditional stilt houses behind the green bamboo ramparts, and watermill in the villages creates charming landscapes for the locality.

Homestay facilities (Community-based tourism): In recent years, homestay facilities has been developed in Lam Binh District to meet the needs of visitors, such as Nam Dip Homestay in the center of Lam Binh Town, Ban Bon Homestay in Phuc Yen Commune, etc. Coming to the homestays, tourists will be immersed in the colorful cultural space of the Tay and Dao ethnic groups. They also experience the traditional weaving of ethnic minorities and enjoy the unique upland cuisine here.

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